WELL PACK Pallet Service –  European Pallet Supplier

We provide high-quality services throughout Europe by means of modern equipment and streamlined logistics. Our main task is to make sure that each our client receives the necessary pallets with an individual approach.


We offer the following services to our clients:


You can always buy new and used pallets of various types and sizes.

Repair and Renovation

We will repair your broken pallets or replace them with new ones. We have the necessary licenses for certified repairs.

Disposal and Recycling

If your pallets cannot be repaired or their components cannot be used to repair other items, they will be disposed in accordance with all ecological regulations.

Control of Availability

We control the number and quality of our clients’ pallets and make up losses.

Inspection and Sorting

We will check your pallets and assess their condition.

Rent and Lease

If you need to increase temporarily the number of pallets, you can rent them on favorable terms there.


If you have unnecessary pallets that you want to sell, we are ready to repurchase them on mutually beneficial conditions.


Sometimes, business owners want to have a non-standard design of their pallets. Mainly, this is a company’s logo put on but we are ready to listen to any of your design ideas and implement it.


Buy or rent new pallets from the best manufacturers in our center. If you want to optimize your supply chain costs you may decide on used pallets. All of them are restored and ready for reuse. No matter if you’ve chosen new or old items, you’ll get the high-quality result.

There are several common kinds and types that you may choose from:

  • EPAL pallets
    ISO, UIC, and IPPC certified, with basic standard sizes 800 mm × 1,200 mm and 100 mm × 1,200
  • UIC EUR pallets
    Produced according to the UIC standard
  • CP Pallets
    Demanded in chemical industry
  • Düsseldorf pallets (DD pallets, DHP pallets)
    A wooden 4-way entry pallet with the size of 600 x 800 mm
  • UK standard/industrial pallets
    1200 x 1000 mm.
  • New pallets
    800-1200 and 1000-1200 mm
  • Used bright EUR/EPAL pallets
    Light, but not like a new pallet
  • Used dark EUR/EPAL pallets
    Darker than of a new pallet.
  • Atypical pallets
    Nearly of any size, form, or color specified by the client’s needs.
  • One-way pallets
    Intended for one-time use when delivering goods and are not standardized.

Working with us, you’ll get pallet selling, rental, repair, and disposal in the most convenient and efficient way. We know everything about EPAL/Euro wooden pallets, their peculiarities, standards, and specifications. Our experience allows us to offer the high-quality solutions, and all our services meet the strictest industry standards.

Each task of the client requires an individual approach. We aim to satisfy our clients’ specific needs in the most effective and cost-efficient way as this is a key success factor in our business.

We are always ready to:

  • Help you to buy and rent pallets of any type
  • Store your wooden pallets in our warehouses
  • Transport them carefully from the point of departure
  • Deliver them to the place of destination throughout Europe
  • Consult you in detail on the products
  • Dispose the defective items


WELL PACK Pallet service center is a subsidiary company of WELL PACK, a Czech logistics company that was established in 2008. Today, WELL PACK operates internationally in many European countries providing its clients with a wide range of services, and complete pallet service is one of them.

You obtain only high-quality products with us. All our new wood pallets for sale are produced by certified and licensed manufacturers. All our second hand pallets are carefully inspected and checked with all possible attention. Rigorous control measures are conducted to avoid defective products.

Our employees’ experience is at your disposal as they will always give you advice. Are you not sure which euro pallet size you need? Which type of pallet will suit your goods? What is more preferable in your situation, to buy or to rent? Which packaging is better, new or second-hand? How to dispose it without violating the packaging waste regulations? Our specialists will answer all your questions and offer the best solution.