As we are an experienced wooden pallet supplier, our client database covers all sectors from transport
and distribution to retail outlets and independent local businesses located throughout Europe. Our main purpose is to provide the highest quality pallet delivery at prices that are affordable to all our customers.


You can always buy new and used pallets of various specifications at our center. New pallets can usually have many trips before needing the slightest repair. If used and maintained properly, they will last for a long time. Purchase of used pallets is a good way to reduce the supply chain expenses and make it more cost-efficient. Buy wholesale pallets cheap here and optimize your business performance. There can be EUR/EPAL wooden pallets with dimensions of 1200x800mm – new and used. Our Euro pallets comply with EPAL regulations and are ISO certified. We also sell Industrial pallets/UK Standard with dimensions 1200x1000mm.


To enable a seamless supply chain, your packaging should be undamaged and suit your business purposes. We will check your pallets and assess their condition. Our inspection procedure includes looking for broken and split wood, missing parts and details, protruding splinters, defective fasteners. After the procedure, you’ll receive a report on the results.


Sometimes you may need repair service and our experienced specialists are at your disposal. We also have a large inventory of pallet replacement components and supplies to fix and repair damaged ones. Our center has the necessary licenses for certified repairs of pallets.


Leasing allows you to reduce greatly your spending on packaging. Rent of pallets makes it possible to satisfy irregular demand for them and to deal with seasonal peaks. You can cooperate with us on a routine and temporary basis to bring your logistics to a higher level.


Sometimes, your pallets are damaged in such a way that they cannot be repaired at all. Some of their components can be used to repair other items. Those pieces that cannot be repaired or reused should be disposed. Wood pallet recycling is conducted in accordance with all ecological regulations. Mind that timely pallet removal and liquidation from your site will help to avoid fire risk.


Your demand for shipping pallets may reduce over time as your business line may change. If you have unnecessary pallets that you are going to get rid of, we are ready to repurchase them on mutually beneficial conditions. We are ready to provide storage and pallet transportation to facilitate this process for you.

Often, the pallets are not returned to the companies that use them in their business activities. That is why they need to make up for shortfall and sometimes it is necessary to do in the shortest possible time looking for the “pallet sales near me.” To prevent such a situation, we provide the supply and replacement of pallets in the name of your customer. As their account is reduced it will be instantaneously made up and your customer will receive an invoice.


Some business owners are looking for custom-made design solutions. Mainly, this is a company’s logo put on the pallets to stand the company out among others. But actually, you may have any picture on them and your choice is restricted only by your imagination.